Review of B.V. Larson’s “Swarm”

Posted in Reviews at 10:09 PM by Maurice X. Alvarez

Swarm CoverThis was my exposure to B.V. Larson’s writing, and I was riveted from the start. I read Swarm in two sessions; I just did not want to put it down until I found out how it ended.

The plot is simple, much like the E.E. Smith “Lensman” novels: forces try to one-up each other in a series of combat scenarios, either by tech or tactics while an alien device assists our side. But the first person POV of main protagonist Kyle Riggs works marvelously to get the story to that point, as the reader is dropped in right beside Riggs as he struggles to figure out what is going on. Sights, sounds, feelings and smells create detailed settings throughout.

Characterizations are very rich; I connected with Kyle and Sandra immediately, and even Crow. However, Riggs’s command successes sometimes seem uncharacteristic or perhaps unlikely for his background.

There weren’t a glaring number of typos or grammatical errors, but just enough that they can’t escape mention. I don’t feel that this detracts from the reading experience much.

Based on my enjoyment of Swarm, I will try one of Larson’s other books.

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