Review of David H. Burton’s “Broken”

Posted in Reviews at 7:28 AM by Maurice X. Alvarez

I am not new to David H. Burton’s tales, having read “Scourge” and “Simian’s Lair” to my children and the online chapters of “Billy Bones”.  So I was not surprised by the easy flow of David’s prose in his latest work, “Broken”, a paranormal romance.

The well-paced story is engaging from the start as the reader follows Katherine through her struggle to make heads or tails of the mysterious curse that has been dropped in her lap.  And Katherine does not disappoint.  She is written very well with a wittiness and spunkiness that you can’t help but connect with.

Broken is an entertaining read that keeps you guessing to the riveting conclusion.


David’s website: Random Musings

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