Review of “Freedom’s Sword” by J.R. Tomlin

Posted in Reviews at 3:22 PM by Maurice X. Alvarez

Reading this book was a very unique experience.  On the one hand, I really enjoyed the story.  The characters are interesting.  The setting is rich with such detail that I had no doubt Ms. Tomlin had not just done her research but had thoroughly enjoyed it.  It’s very obvious when an author has done research simply for the sake of showing it off to the reader versus when an author take the time to weave their knowledge delicately into the fabric of their tale.  Ms. Tomlin definitely falls into the latter category with Freedom’s Sword.

[** Ammended below **  It was therefore very surprising to find a phenomenal number of typographical if not orthographical errors.  Chapter breaks were occasionally abrupt leaving me thinking that perhaps I had a bad copy of the book in which pages were dropped.  I contacted Ms. Tomlin about this and she was kind enough to reply that the abrupt breaks were intentional, although she has received similar feedback from others.  While she did not comment on the other errors, I read an interview where Ms. Tomlin says that she had professional editing done as well as beta reader critiquing.  This continues to make me believe that I must have an early purchase and that perhaps if I re-download the ebook, all the errors will be gone.

I found the story compelling enough to overlook the errors and finish reading it.  I just couldn’t get immersed in it, and so it took me longer than usual to read it.  While I would like to give the book 4/5 stars, I would have to be sure that there are newer versions with the plethora of errors fixed.  As it is, I can only give it 3 or 3.5 at best.  If I hear from others that the errors are fixed, I will gladly raise my rating. **]

*** 10-1-11 – I was pleased to find out that I indeed had the first release version of the ebook and that there have been several revisions afterward that have corrected the errors I first found. I have therefore raised my rating to 4 stars.

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